Special expertise

Aluminum alloys and Plastic –These two groups of materials are overrepresented in my projects. I have also studied material science as well as manufacturing processes more deeply with these. Plastics are hard to cover all but I have experience of the most common materials and manufacturing Avion awards: Red dot design and gjuteri.

Light – During seven year at Fagerhult Lighting I have gained both broad and deep knowledge about light. The physics of light, how light affects our wellbeing and performance, the use of light in different spaces, light measurements and the desired outcome, LED, the difficulties with electromagnetic interference (EMC) and heat, either too much heat or shifting temperatures and how that impacts on material behavior or air pressure inside a sealed outdoor product. Most of all light fascinates me probably for than anything else. Its unique physical properties, how it affects us, its mystics and how you can be creative both with the light it self and the product holding it.

Fire & Rescue – This is another area that puts light into my life. I am a fire fighter myself with duty on call. I have been involved in many different projects within the local fire brigade and have also been discussing the development of fire fighting with other Swedish fire engineers and officers. I was surprised by the difficulties of getting new innovations, useful and safe products into this sector, especially for small fire brigades with limited financial resources. I decided to contribute by starting my first fire project – The powder lance ͟or – Pulverlansen – as it is called in its original Swedish language. This is a start project and if it succeeds I have bigger thoughts of how to progress with more useful products for fire fighters and everyday heroes. To know more about the project  ͞Pulverlansen visit


MedTEch – My last years I have been working with MedTech projects, dealing with the unique demands and requirements that are expected for products to be used for medical purposes. I am now a part of the HotSwap design team which has long experience of MedTech products. I have been designing plastic covers for electrical engines and control units, made design proposals for hospital beds and developed innovative mechanical concepts for user friendly as well as ergonomic implant parts.methods. I have made lots of aluminum profiles and the most advanced course done was within die casting of aluminum alloys. Except these I have also a good understanding of using sheet metal.