Product Design Services

Industrial design & Concept engineering

Smart concepts end up as innovative products. Design engineering solutions are considered and the overall product design firmly grounded in user needs already from start. Design sketches, design models, prototypes and CAD is vital tools for visualization and functional testing early on in the project.

Design engineering

When the product design concept is ready it is time to go into details regarding material selection, manufacturing methods, design for assembly and technical drawings with appropriate tolerances. Tooling are prepared, samples are collected and prototypes built to verify quality of parts, function, assembling and design.

Team with HotSwap

Hotswap is an innovating design consultancy with a broad portfolio and a special interest in Life Science. I am a part of this team. At Hotswap’s in house design studio we share knowledge, ideas, have sketch and workshop sessions and follows design controls to secure quality in process and final outcome. Hotswap is a part of Alten.

Small or Big

If you need a product designer for a smaller project lasting only for a few days, or a product design engineer maybe for a year but only at a part time occupancy than you have good chances to get one.

If you work for a company facing an upcoming need for a product replacement, to keep up with new trends and needs on the market. If you have the idea of an innovation and you want to develop the product to make it ready for production and market. Then we can provide all the right design resources you need to succeed.

Special expertise

I graduated as a Product designer from Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland. Since then I have been working with a wide range of products but a few areas are of particular interest. These areas are Light, Fire & MedTech. And aluminum alloys and plastics are by far the most widely used materials. I was awarded with the class medal in recordnition of my outstanding achivements in my individual program of study.

Own projects

My own projects reflect my interests. As a fire fighter, a snowboarder or a board game player maybe. A genuine interest is probably the best drive to succeed with any serious project. Take a look at and see what I am capable of. From first design sketch to established company, marketing and selling my own design.